Where She’s From

“I’m from a small town in Texas!”

Personal Motto

“Travel. Your money will return. Your time won’t.”

About her creativity

“I have always been a super creative person. Art is such a big passion of mine, especially painting and ceramics. The other side of my creativity stems from my love of reading. All of the amazing books I’ve read encouraged me to write my own poems and short stories. Creating blog is the perfect way for me to incorporate all of my passions into one!”


Where She’s From

“I’m a Georgia kid at heart – I grew up in a tiny town in Georgia, and after living in both Santa Cruz and the Bay Area, I moved to sunny Phoenix! I wouldn’t live anywhere else.”

Why Pick Me! Weddings?

“My husband and I do wedding photography and have celebrated the love of SO many newlyweds! Couple that with my punny nature and love of writing, this seemed to be the perfect fit.”


Where She’s From

“Born and raised in San Diego!”

Fun facts

“I’m fluent in Portuguese and my passion for visiting Portugal and exploring other cultures fuels my creativity. I love a good challenge, puzzle, or riddle. My mom boasts that at 3 years old I was always working on picture puzzles. I’m passionate about public health and nutrition and just graduated from UPenn in May 2020.”